MALTA – EUROPE) NetRefer, a global leader in Performance Marketing platform, announces the launch of the NetRefer API Management Suite. A number of restful API components are now launched and form part of NetRefer’s powerful product portfolio. Such API components include the new Affiliate (Account) Sign-up component, which enables clients to step back from their static affiliate sign-up interfaces and utilizing the delivery of a more flexible and customizable signup process.

“Our clients realise, as we do, that business engagement with customers through the vast digital chain means that API management is now a business driven imperative. Delivering this new API management suite ensures that we future-proof our front-end technology enabling easier deployment of applications in a smart agile way. In accordance with technological advances and the needs of our Client base, NetRefer included the development of the Sign-up API as part of its product road map for the future. By developing this service,NetRefer moves away from the concept of a static Affiliate Sign-up form, offering flexible customisation options to our Clients while still ensuring that the same level and quality of data is imported into the NetRefer affiliate marketing system.”

Timothy Buttigieg, Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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