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NetRefer get reviewed by Slotsquad.co.uk

NetRefer's performance marketing platform reviewed by Slotsquad.co.uk

Slotsquad.co.uk, took a look at NetRefer‘s Performance Marketing Platform and offered their thoughts on the award winning product.

An online review site normally reviewing mobile casinos, online casinos, new slots and the best games, Slotsquad is the place to go if you want to find up to date bonuses and the latest casino offers for UK players. The following text is the view offered by Caroline Isherwood, Slotsquads Leading Games Analyst/Marketing Manager of NetRefer’s Performance Marketing Platform.


An affiliates closest ally, working smart with the NetRefer Performance Marketing Platform!

As an affiliate within the gaming industry, time is not something you mess around with. Add to that the UK market, compliance and trying to keep up with the latest products, that time is almost spent. This is my first real complement of the NetRefer performance marketing platform, it saves time. At Slotsquad and like many other businesses, a ticking clock is your greatest enemy. Thankfully, an affiliates closest ally is combat ready when it comes to click-through rates. It’s called NetRefer.

When I first started out in online marketing, I was very much a front of house salesperson. I was knocking on doors without thinking about who was inside, the location of the house or whether anyone was even at home. And most importantly, I had no record of yesterday’s sales pitches. I could have been knocking on the same houses over and over again. I’m talking about the internet, knowing where you’ve been, who answers, who buys and ultimately, how to repeat the process. It took a long time for me to realise that history and results are everything in online marketing.

Working with the NetRefer performance marketing platform for the first time was an affiliates time machine. It could only go back, but it was good enough to change the future. I worked closely with staff members and at this point began using results to save time. The dashboard for this product is one of the most useful marketing aids we’ve ever used at Slotsquad.

Monday’s became our statistics race and by the dashboard function alone, we would cross-examine CTR results on our strongest brands. By using this function on our products backed by NetRefer, we re-aligned our brand placements and improved CTR across the board.

If you get that right, the other metrics are like dominoes. What I like about NetRefer is the immediate picture of your marketing strategy.

We’ve used numerous performance trackers in the past and still do, but this one is a strike of lightning in comparison. The NetRefer performance marketing platform is a thousand words in the blink of an eye, and that’s just from the initial dashboard. I can tell which strategies are not working and see where hours could be wasted from the initial interface screen alone.

Dig deeper and you’ll find true value in this software. Campaigns are the ultimate tab on your NetRefer menu. It’s useful to note signups, count customers and track revenue, but market source is key. I tell my staff that Campaigns are the meals on the menu, lots of orders tonight, more ingredients needed tomorrow. But it’s making sure you know which campaigns work, this is the most powerful concept of NetRefer used by my organisation. At one point I was throwing away money into a pay per click strategy that I realised was worthless after NetRefer campaign analysis.

As an affiliate marketing professional, I treat campaigns like slices of cake. It’s one thing to use banners, directed marketing material and advertised content, but another to see how that works alongside your brand. I won’t go into too much detail, but we use a half-split method at Slotsquad knowing that 50% of what we do is in the bottom half.

NetRefer allows us to focus on the top half, and although that might sound simple, it would take weeks to work it out on our own. The smartest way to use NetRefer in my view is by tailor-making your campaign and tweaking on a weekly basis. I mentioned increased CTR earlier and that ties in here.

Other impressive traits include a mobile-responsive platform and that’s invaluable given iGamings chartered course. In terms of mobile capability, the NetRefer performance tool is the most optimised for any handheld device. This is nothing overly clever, but more the simplicity of big numbers and a well-optimised interface. I will often use long train commutes for strategic assessment of daily activity, easy when you’re using NetRefer.

Lastly, there is nothing more intriguing than statistics. When I first checked my overnight stats for a website many years ago, it became a ten-minute habit. Thankfully I’ve realised that time is better spent making your stats than checking them, NetRefer will help with your stats. Not just by counting clicks, but by tracing their origin, tracking progress and directing your attention where it should be, on the customer.

By using NetRefer, I’ve learned how to save time, use time and work with results. I remember the days when I would hope for signups and customers, now I look out for them.


By Caroline Isherwood – Lead Games Analyst / Marketing Manager


For further information about NetRefer solutions kindly contact:

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