As this year draws to a close, the NetRefer team is busily working at full steam to prepare for some exciting projects in the New Year. Over the last 12 months the business has made a significant amount of achievements in terms of product development, an ever expanding clientele list, not to mention some key awards and accreditations.

At the start of 2012, NetRefer attended and exhibited at the LAC and ICE conferences in London. Both conferences have been of strategic importance to the business as it provides a showcase to demonstrate the key capabilities of the latest solution, engage in important meetings with existing clients as well as meet with prospective clients interested in NetRefer’s products, services and affiliate marketing in general. Both conferences were a resounding success, and the plan is to do the same – and more – in 2013.

In February, NetRefer issued a new product update ‘Release 4.2’ delivering a number of new features and functionalities, including the newly enhanced Geo Targeting feature. The Geo-Targeting feature enables new advanced advertising campaigns that target a specific country, region or even city. This enhances the functionality that targets adverts according to the customer’s browser language and locale.

At the end of March, NetRefer’s Professional Service team launched the Dedicated Account Management service to its client base. Dedicated Account Management (DAM) complements the current services suite provided in helping to leverage clients Affiliate Programs in the ever expanding and fast paced field of Performance Marketing.

All the hard, smart and tireless work put in by the team paid off greatly, when in May, and for a third consecutive year, NetRefer was awarded “Affiliate Software of the Year”. This showed the clear dedication and enthusiasm of the team as well as the stability, integrity and functionality of the affiliate marketing program.

In June, NetRefer reiterated commitment to its clients by becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner to deliver cutting edge performance marketing solutions, enabling its clients to better manage their ever-growing affiliate programs, through strategic partnerships with the leaders in software development.

NetRefer in August delivered another new software update, “Release 4.3”. Whilst including various performance and functionality improvements on the Administrator interface, this release also offered a number of enhancements aimed to improve the Affiliates’ experience and ease the analysis of key performance statistics now accessible directly from the dashboard. The software development was designed around clients and affiliates feedback, helping to consistently meet requirements, and reaffirm the position as market leaders in affiliate management and performance marketing.

In November EGR presented the annual Operator Awards ceremony, with NetRefer being the sponsor for Affiliate program of the year. These awards celebrated genuine innovation and excellence across the online gaming industry. NetRefer’s clients demonstrated excellency yet again by picking up a range of awards during the event, with Paddy Power picking up 3 awards.

To end the year in style, all of Team NetRefer was treated to a weekend trip in Rome in December. All the team visited some of Rome’s famous sites such as the Vatican, Coliseum, Spanish Steps and many more. It was the perfect way to conclude the year, and for NetRefer to show the team their appreciation for all the hard work during 2012.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and their affiliates all the very best for festive season, and a Happy New Year! See you all in 2013!


Every year over 500 members from the iGaming affiliate community gather to honour the ongoing success within the industry at the iGB Affiliate Awards. This year iGB Affiliate Awards celebrates for the 6th time the growth, innovation and achievements within this sector of the gaming industry. Team NetRefer wishes the best of luck to all its clients nominated for this prestigious Awards, that will take place in London on the 8th of February 2013

Best Poker Affiliate Manager: Nick Farrugia (Comeon!), Markus Bork (Paddy Power)

Best Casino Affiliate Manager: Laura Bent (Betfair), Jamie Edwards (Comeon!), Michelle Glyn (Paddy Power);

Best Sports Betting Affiliate Manager: Paul Moore (Betfair), Phil Hudson (Betfair), Graham Hoyne (Blue Square), Claudette Olsson (Comeon!), Ruth Dillon-Leetch (Paddy Power), Alexander Laske (Mybet), Anthony Wong (Paddy Power), Elen Garth (Unibet), Elaine Gardiner (YouWin), Michael Forry (Paddy Power);

Best Affiliate Manager Overall: Denise Kehoe (Paddy Power), Andre Au (Betfair), Scott Lindsey (Betfair), Graham Hoyne (Blue Square), Claudette Olsson (Comeon!), Alexander Laske (Mybet), Anthony Wong (Paddy Power), Elen Garth (Unibet), Elaine Gardiner (YouWin);

Best Newcomer Affiliate program:   Casumo, bringit, Club Gold Partners, FantasticWin Affiliates

Most Improved Affiliate Program: Betfair, Comeon

Last two days of voting open till Friday, 14th December 2012. Vote here.



Christmas comes early to NetRefer! On the 7th of December all team flew to Rome for a weekend break and team building event.
Along with visiting major tourist sites, NetRefer crew took a Segway riding tour around Rome’s historical places: Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps, Coliseum, the Vatican city and many more.

Featured event of the trip was the Christmas dinner in one of the authentic Italian cooking experience restaurants.
2012-12-08-21.24.121Guided by the professional Italian chefs,  the team had a unique opportunity  to learn the ropes of pasta making. The outcome was the longest handmade pasta roll, that was shaped into a variety of pasta dishes cooked on the spot and served to the team. This made the dinner experience even more special and the food taste extra delicious!

From Rome with love. Team NetRefer.


NetRefer is more than just a provider of performance marketing software.

There are a vast number of services that NetRefer offers to its clients, with the major focus being the business growth of their affiliate programs.

Following the launch of Services+ offering, NetRefer made other steps towards Business Intelligence and more services that augment the current offering.

The top five services, which are listed below, are essential for Operators of any scale and business vertical.

Custom reporting is an extra service that NetRefer provides to its clients in order to accommodate specific reporting requirements that may not form part of the core system. They can include any metric which is available in the NetRefer system plus any that aren’t, as long as a formula can be provided as to how that metric should be calculated. Additionally, NetRefer can offer a vast number of reports, previously developed to cater for specific industry or market requirements, that may serve various industry verticals.

Marketing consultancy – is a new service that will be launched shortly as part of the Professional Services range. Consultancy further empowers NetRefer clients in analysing their business intelligence with the aim of better understanding their results and helping the Operator to   make informed decisions on the necessary changes to ensure stable growth.

A significant amount of time was invested in reviewing current Affiliate Marketing trends that inspired a number of tailored packages to evaluate vital aspects of the affiliate program performance, including insight on individual performance against industry trends.

Dedicated Account management service is the most popular offering within the Services+ suite, helping clients to gain valuable and actionable insight on the performance of their affiliate programs. Clients that already enjoy this service benefit from regular and dedicated assistance of their NetRefer Account Manager, keeping a watchful eye on their key performance indicators and advising on the optimal configuration and use of the NetRefer software.

Due to the diverse operational aspects of each of the NetRefer clients, our Dedicated Account Management packages provide clients with customized reporting based on data metrics that are pertinent to the client’s internal measurement models and business objectives.

Disaster recovery – business continuity plays an important role in our industry, hence a holistic approach to protecting and keeping NetRefer clients’ data replicated over two separate locations in London and Hong Kong. In the case of a force majeure event, NetRefer disaster recovery mechanism can swiftly move all the ad serving and tracking content of the affiliate program to a completely diverse location, ensuring business continuity.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) – Due to the steady increase of sophisticated DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that are becoming more prevalent on web commerce sites, NetRefer has stepped up its IT infrastructure to offer protection against the detrimental and costly consequences of suffering such an attack. This additional layer of DDoS protection is managed by precise monitoring of web traffic patterns, which triggers an alert when any anomalies to the traffic patterns are detected. NetRefer has worked closely with Rackspace to ensure that traffic patterns are carefully studied and frequently profiled so as to ensure accuracy and understanding of legitimate traffic. DDoS protection is targeted at safeguarding against any potential attacks aimed at an online affiliate marketing solution (Admin, Affiliate interfaces and Ad server).

To learn more about these and other NetRefer services clients are encourages to contact their Account Manager or client services team at


Interesting facts were revealed from the Annual Affiliate Advertiser Survey carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in October, 2012. Its figures show that Brands of various verticals are investing a larger proportion of their digital marketing budgets in the affiliate marketing channel. Affiliate’s increased share of marketing investment is a clear indication of the channel’s strengthening role within the marketing mix.

Based on the statistics of this research, affiliate programmes investing more than 31% of their marketing budget in the affiliate channel rose by 45%, which indicates  recognition of the channel’s effectiveness.
The survey shows a 45% uplift in investment from brands in their affiliate programmes, increased commission payments and confidence in year ahead.
Another worth-noting detail shows growing consumer ‘deal searching’ trend through cashback and voucher code sites, that produce principle revenue streams for 49% of advertisers surveyed.
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.19.07 PM

Particularly interesting for the Online Gaming industry may be the fact, that indicates a declining majority ( 59% in 2011, 52% in 2012) of the Advertisers still have a deal with one affiliate network, while users of 2 or 3 networks growing significantly.



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