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“Why You Should Embrace, Not Fear, Performance Marketing”

All too often CMOs and brand managers are slow to adopt performance based marketing approaches. This has the effect of placing them at a real disadvantage in today’s marketplace, running the risk that a competitor will out-distance them by simply adopting performance marketing more quickly. Read more


“A CMO’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing”

Long dismissed as a niche form of online marketing, performance marketing has become a multibillion-dollar force in the digital-media ecosystem. For CMOs, performance marketing, of which affiliate marketing comprises the largest share of revenue growth, is no longer a marketing strategy that can be ignored or delegated to junior-level marketing managers. It is now a driving force behind many brands’ online growth and customer-acquisition efforts. As such, it requires CMOs’ devout attention to properly use and scale in order to realize long-term customer-acquisition value. Read more

“MediaFunding.com Giving Affiliates Money to Buy Media”

There is a company that’s sole purpose is to work with, among other things, affiliates in order to help them buy more and more media. This is perhaps one of the most interesting new businesses in our industry. Watch this video:

“AdTech 2012 Expo”

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