We’re very excited to announce our latest feature release aimed at increasing usability and making our customers’ lives just that little bit easier.

A new and enhanced version of the NetRefer Affiliate Platform rolled out the new features on the 5th of May. Here’s what our customers are now enjoying thanks to release 4.8.2:

1. Administrators within NetRefer will now be able to see the status of their campaign data transfer on the admin interface dashboard.

2. Reward refresh notification while the affiliate reward recalculations are running.

3. We have enhanced reporting and added more detail to statistics pertaining to negative revenue share.

4. The active media widget for affiliates: this widget is now click-able and directs to a new active media table in the media gallery

5. Our operators can now execute the transfer of customers, between affiliates, in bulk

6. Deep linking information tip can now be switched on or off from the settings

7. Login security upgrade, now with user lock based on the number of incorrect sign in attempts.

If you have any questions or require support using the new enhanced features do not hesitate to contact our support team on support@netrefer.com

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NetRefer has released its latest platform update – 4.6

This release provides NetRefer system users with the new ‘mobile tracking’ ability which allows users to track app installs via third-party providers. This release also has a number of enhanced usability features, administration features, performance improvements as well as a lot of general improvements from which operators and affiliates will benefit.

One of the newest features to be introduced by NetRefer in this release is the ‘Qualified Customers’ feature which allows operators to specify various criteria’s that would scan and analyze customers and if customers fall within a certain criteria then they are ‘qualified customers’, hence qualify for specific rewards.

The Professional Services team have also been working hard to update all of the documentation, training material, presentations and release notes.

NetRefer would like to thank all its clients, friends and staff for their invaluable contributions to the content of the 4.6 release. NetRefer constantly value your feedback, input and participation which ensures that it maintains its position as the leader in performance marketing.

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NetRefer, a leader in Performance Marketing software, has just rolled out its much-anticipated 4.5 release, setting a whole new benchmark in terms of usability and transparent data access.

Video banner serving and tracking are amongst the exciting new features that have been unveiled along with other tracking enhancements to meet the growing marketing needs within the industry.

Affiliates and Operators alike can now make key decisions and perform day-to-day tasks more efficiently by having faster access to key metrics and streamlined management tools via the improved quick search functions and summary pages. The dashboard has also been refreshed to display core business metrics with geographic overview options on a per-day-basis.

NetRefer’s Product Development Team has gone through extensive research and development. This ensured that all clientele is delivered a platform that is continuously feature rich and in-line with evolving legislation.

Team NetRefer would like to thank all clients for their invaluable contribution to the content of the 4.5 Release. We constantly value your feedback, input and participation that ensures NetRefer maintains its position as an industry leader in Performance Marketing software.

If you would like to know more about NetRefer please contact us at sales@netrefer.com.


Gzira, Malta, 31st May 2013

NetRefer, the Unified Performance Marketing leader, has just completed the rollout of the anticipated Release 4.4, which has been deployed across its entire client base. Following an intensive development cycle, Release 4.4 has mainly been focused on the new features and product enhancements that have become a necessity to the evolving needs of the market. This extensive development has resulted in a significant number of new system Add Ons, various system enhancements and new functionalities that further enrich existing marketing tools and support our clients on a new level.

One of the product enhancements is the revamped Administrator Dashboard that presents all key performance indicators in a single view, enabling clear display on various large and small screen devices, including the mobile, and thus enables affiliate managers to have all key statistics at their fingertips.

In response to affiliate requests, an additional enhancement has also been made towards Improved Access Control features which further heighten security for affiliates. In addition, administrators are now empowered to set up password and username validation on both Administrator and Affiliate interfaces that will lock user accounts after failed attempts.

A variety of commission and rewarding options has been significantly improved through the relevant new Add Ons, encouraging operators to build more granular and focused commission plans thereby stimulating affiliates’ performance at specific levels and thus incentivising revenue streams from the desired channels.

Finally, the latest enhancement to the Media Server allows clients to make use of Multiple Landing pages that may be assigned to each Media type. This enables the affiliates to choose their preferred landing pages when selecting media to promote the operator.

Last but not least, Team NetRefer would like to thank all clients for their invaluable contribution to the content of the Release 4.4. We constantly value your feedback, input and participation that ensures NetRefer maintains its position as industry leader in Performance Marketing.


Gzira, Malta, 10 August 2012 – NetRefer is proud to announce the release of its latest Software Version 4.3, which has been rolled out across all clients’ systems.

Whilst including various performance and functionality improvements on the Administrator interface, this release also offers a number of enhancements aimed to improve the Affiliates’ experience and ease the analysis of key performance statistics now accessible directly from the dashboard.

Restricting Account Access is a new and enhanced Affiliate interface feature to create, control and restrict end-user access. The IP-based access approach allows an Affiliate administrator to restrict account access to an unlimited number of IP addresses. This gives a very high and granular level of control over the end-user account access.

NetRefer has introduced a revised process to verify monthly data totals for the purpose of confirming Affiliate Payments. A set of refined and consolidated reports will reduce the number of checks required to authorize affiliate payments processing.

Team NetRefer would like to thank all its clients for their invaluable contribution to the content of the 4.3 software release.  We constantly value your feedback, input and participation that ensures NetRefer maintains its position as a leader in affiliate marketing software.