GZIRA, MALTA – November 30th, 2012 {PRESS RELEASE}

NetRefer is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Tombola in Italy. Rated by EGR Magazine as one of the 50 most powerful operators in the gaming industry, Tombola is another important addition to NetRefer’s growing client base and continues to assert NetRefer as market leaders in affiliate marketing.

Tombola’s newly implemented affiliate programme will offer attractive commissions, on time payments, and detailed reporting along with other industry leading marketing tools. This will empower Tombola with numerous tools to support CMOs, affiliate managers and affiliates effectively and efficiently.

Tombola has always enjoyed a very strong brand image, and through the implementation of their new affiliate platform, this will encourage further growth for the company, a key objective for all NetRefer’s online gaming partners.

Julian Buhagiar, CEO of NetRefer Malta, said “It has been a pleasure to work closely with  Tombola’s dedicated team to ensure they are provided with all the latest marketing tools to fulfill their requirements. Our goal is to ensure all the affiliate team as well as their affiliates are provided with a fully configurable rewards engine, clear and flexible reporting, in-depth analytics as well as user friendly dashboards available in over 99 languages to ensure market reach and localisation for the Tombola brand.”

Further details about Tombola’s affiliate program can be found at http://www.tombola.it/bingo-affiliati-program/bingo-affiliati-home

About Tombola

Tombola and its associated companies have been involved in bingo for 50 years. Every aspect of Tombola is managed in-house. We have created all our own games and have a busy team of designers and software engineers building new games and new features all the time.

In December 2011, tombola launched http://www.tombola.it and in May 2012, tombola ventured into Spain launching http://www.tombola.es. NetRefer’s continued expansion into the affiliate management, gaming and bingo markets has been an easy choice for Tombola to selectively choose the partners whom to work with.



An audience of top industry eGaming operators from around the world attended last night’s 8th annual EGR Operator Awards in London. To recognize their achievements over the past 12 months, the event organizers held a glamorous ceremony with a great lineup of entertainers including comedian Jimmy Carr as host to the event.

This year’s list of winners included Paddy Power and JackpotJoy, who each collected three trophies apiece.

Team NetRefer would like to congratulate all winners and in particular all its clients who have collected a prestigious award! Special regards go to MrGreen who achieved Socially Responsible Operator of the Year status.

Full list of winners can be found here.



Malta-based NetRefer has been shortlisted as a National Finalist for the 2012/3 European Business Awards, recognizing the company for its success, innovation and achievements.

The European Business Awards is an independent awards program designed to recognize and promote excellence, innovation and service in the European business community. Each National Finalist has been selected by the judging panel as being exemplary of best practice in their respective nation.

The panel of judges, who has received over 15,000 applications from European countries, has now completed first phase of selection. The jury announced the list of each country’s finalists who will compete in the next phase of Europe’s most prestigious annual business competition.

“It is an honour for NetRefer to be rated amongst the 5 topmost Maltese companies for the European Business Awards, having received more than 50 applications from the country’s leading organizations,” says Julian Buhagiar, NetRefer’s Malta CEO. “This is yet another example of the high standards our business continues to set each year.”

NetRefer will now be competing in the final round, which involves a further judging panel. Each of the judges is invited to participate in the competition based on experience, business acumen and expertise. Each panel includes different nationalities and they are naturally versed in the cultural aspects of each of the finalists’ countries. The five-minute video entry presents the company, its achievements and its corporate social responsibility, developing not only the best of the breed next generation performance marketing software, but also a keen environmental awareness and how its employees give a little something back to society.

The NetRefer video entry can be viewed here:




Summer is now over and autumn kicks in the much anticipated Barcelona Affiliate Conference back in the sunny coastal city.

Team NetRefer will be attending BAC, held between the 11th and 14th of October at the ‘Fira de Barcelona’. This year’s event is expected to see around 1600 delegates.

Whether you are starting an affiliate program and thus looking for the best affiliate marketing software, or if you are already operating an affiliate program, do get in touch with our sales team for a consultation on how NetRefer can help you grow your affiliate numbers.

To schedule a meeting and discuss opportunities contact us on sales@netrefer.com



As part of an ongoing commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility, NetRefer is proud to be Gold sponsor to the Betfair LifeCycle Challenge. Founded in 1999, the Lifecycle Challenge creates awareness and generates support for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease. This challenge constitutes one of the most gruelling endurance events in Europe, pitting a dedicated team of Maltese cyclists against the elements in a long distance ride through different regions worldwide.

By putting such an extreme event together, LifeCycle intends to attract the Maltese public’s attention to the plight of patients of the Renal Unit, and to encourage generous donations from the public. In past years, LifeCycle has raised a considerable sum of money, helping the government to cover the approximate figure of €25,000/year per renal patient.

This year’s 14th edition of the Lifecycle Challenge will involve an arduous journey of 1,900 kilometers across 11 days from Brisbane to Melbourne in Australia, and will be held from October 28th to November 6th.

Please help us raise awareness for this event by donating to this worthwhile cause!


Team NetRefer



Our Services+ offering was launched at the beginning of this year geared towards NetRefer clients who wanted to avail themselves of extra performance management services and discounted rates.

The Dedicated Account Management (DAM) service is the most popular offering within the Services+ suite, helping clients to gain valuable and actionable  insight regarding the performance of their affiliate programs.

Clients that already enjoy this service benefit from regular and dedicated assistance of their NetRefer account manager, keeping a watchful eye on their key performance indicators and advising on the optimal configuration and use of the NetRefer software.

Due to the diverse operational aspects of each of the NetRefer clients, our DAM Team provide their clients with customized reporting based on data metrics that are pertinent to the client’s internal measurement models and business objectives.

A choice of three separate but configurable packages has been created to cater for a variety of business requirements, comprising of 10 value added components, including increased allocation of free user support hours, reduction in add-on costs, consultancy service, detailed reporting on client’s monthly KPI’s, regular onsite client meetings and much more.

Certain DAM package also includes a set of Business Intelligence reports, providing more granular analysis of the affiliate program performance based on such KPIs as customer churn rate, customer lifetime value, average customer cost and contribution, analysis of reward plans’ profitability and more.

Having yielded significant results for NetRefer clients, our Services+ roadmap aims to continue adding to the variety of benefits that the leading affiliate marketing platform already has to offer its clients.


Undoubtedly the major sports event of this summer is the London 2012 Olympics. All sportsbook operators will try to increase their affiliate program numbers by capitalising on the various marketing opportunities that come along with the overall buzz created by the event. Reality however hits hard on operators who have to comply with strict advertising regulations that can significantly restrict flexibility of campaigns associated with the Olympic events.

It is thus very important to remain vigilant and keep in mind the fact that any marketing materials aimed at this major sporting event must comply with Olympic Regulations. Failure to comply may incur restrictions or fines – some of which may be fined up to £20,000 per offence – or in the worst case even punishable by law.

Consequently it is advised to carefully review any online marketing materials targeting the Olympic events, paying particular attention to the graphics and ‘call to action’ words used in marketing collateral.  Amongst the prohibited phrases are: “London 2012”, “Get Set”,  “Olympics” and simply the number 2012, as well as various games’ logos or athletic images.

For more detailed information you may wish to refer to the official guidance produced by the London Organising Committee of Olympic Games: http://www.london2012.com/about-us/publications/publication=detailed-provisions-of-the-advertising-and-trading-regul/


So, here you are, a start up affiliate program facing an actual problem: where to find good affiliates to promote your partner program?

There are a few questions which come to mind: Where to look for the affiliates? From which websites to recruit them? Is it worth spending marketing budget on attending affiliate conferences and if there is an automated way of recruiting affiliates? All these questions point to a single one: how can a Merchant effectively recruit affiliates into his partner program in order to increase his revenues?

Here are 5 affective ways to help you out:

1.       Use of Social media.

Spend some time daily on social media searching for affiliates. The choice of the right social media channel is particularly important here. Pay special attention to the geographical area of the affiliates you target. Recent studies indicate that the use of social media channels varies from country to country heavily depending on the linguistic aspects and culture, thus it’s worth researching the social media specifics of the market which interests you.

There are many forums, groups and blogs in social networks that your potential partners might participate in. Join the most adequate groups and start communicating. Don’t forget, when speaking in a forum to abide by its rules. Avoid spamming as this can damage your reputation causing the reverse affect. Always try to offer value from your side and in return this can help good communication with many users. It’s also worth keeping in mind that direct advertising of your affiliate program or spamming comments in social networks would most probably lead to you being banned from most forums.

The secret of utilizing social networks successfully is simple: you cannot gain more value than you contribute yourself. Thus, if you bring any value you will be most welcome in most forums and groups.

Special attention in the hierarchy of social media is worth giving to Twitter; it wouldn’t be wise not to utilize its popularity. Most webmasters have their twitter account where relatively high volume of their prime activity is tweeted about. Try to find them by the key words of your industry offering and initiate communication.

2.       Search engines

Every affiliate manager would naturally want to automate most of the work of searching for affiliate partners. Nevertheless, spend some time on studying search engine results for your key words. To help yourself, make a list of top 50 websites coming up with your key words, get in touch with the webmasters offering them collaboration.

Most of the affiliate websites have partner sections which mainly serve as a link exchange tool. Checking this section opens you direct access to a network of other industry affiliates with thematically similar websites. This search method guarantees limitless access to other related partner sources which you can dig into endlessly since a number of websites will have similar partner sections.

Most of the affiliate partners that you will find using the above method would have already been engaged in promoting other affiliate programs thus, they will be familiar with various rewarding options most commonly used in the industry making your negotiation process faster and easier.

  1. Encouraging sub-affiliation.

When running an affiliate program you should aim at paying maximum possible affiliate commission to your partners, ensuring that at the same time your partnership is mutually lucrative. A good way of growing your affiliate numbers is through referrals or sub-affiliation.

If you decide to use this method of recruiting new partners, you should carefully review your current commission structure, considering the fact that you will need to pay out a percentage of the affiliate earnings to the master affiliate who brought them into the program. There are various referral commission structures that you may consider offering. Most commonly used in the IGaming industry are the following: percentage from referral’s Net Revenue, percentage from referral’s reward or fixed fee on referral. Whichever commission structure you choose, keep a close eye on the revenues brought in from sub-affiliation, ensuring that this structure brings you positive results.

  1. Industry conferences and events

There are a great number of industry events and conferences held practically every few months. The choice is vast, thus its best to focus on those which suit your company’s profile most. With the increasing number of countries where IGaming has been regulated, it’s becoming more common to hold region specific conferences aiming at merchants and affiliates operating in the market. In return this ensures effective and productive networking.  Amongst the biggest regional events recently held were IGB Espana and IGaming France. These were market specific conferences dedicated to Spanish and French sectors gathering merchants and affiliates operating in these major European markets.

Special attention is worth paying to global events spread throughout the year. These gather a great number of Operators and affiliates from various markets and industry verticals, under one roof. To name a few, LAC – London Affiliate Conference is a major event held at the end of January, Affiliate Super Show which takes place in various European cities at the end of May. There are also a few events held later on in autumn, Affiliate Conference is the major one and is generally organized in Barcelona. These events are free for affiliates resulting in a generally impressive number of attendees.

Whether your marketing budget allows you to exhibit at these venues or not, they are definitely worth attending.  Major conferences generally attract thousands of affiliates; this creates a unique networking opportunity right on the floor. Establishing direct personal contact significantly increases your chances to recruit affiliates into promoting your affiliate program there and then.


  1. Direct recruitment via media channels.

Direct affiliate recruitment is something one should not underestimate. If you pay attention and apply good SEO strategy to your affiliate recruitment page, there is a good chance that some potential partners will land on your page whether referred from the search engines or other internet resources.

Direct traffic is a valuable source, therefore your affiliate program’s professional look and feel should be in your list of top priorities. The Partner program’s home page has to be striking and must clearly show to an affiliate what you are offering in terms of commission plans, products, marketing tools and payments. Once a visitor is ready to become your partner, the key element in ensuring he converts into an affiliate is a streamlined sign up process. Ideally the sign up page should consist of just key questions laid out on a single page taking the user through sign up process as fast and painless as possible. This encourages affiliate sign up bringing partners into the program and allowing them to start promoting right away.

News posts on your website or blog allows regular communication with the affiliates, keeping them periodically updated with the latest promotions or recent innovations of your affiliate program. Inform your affiliates, treat them as valuable part of your business, keep communication flowing and the results will certainly come.

Regardless of the ways you choose to find affiliates, one thing which is always important to remember is that quality of the partners that you recruit depends on the reputation of your partner program. It’s worth keeping in mind, the more trust your affiliate program projects the better is your chance to attract valuable affiliates who will generate higher revenues hence more profit.