The gruelling Life Cycle Challenge has come to an end, after covering over 2,000km and 5 different countries in 10 days. The challenge started in Minsk and ended in St Petersburg in front of the magnificent Hermitage Palace.

The Challenge this year raised a total amount of 130,000 Euros for the renal unit, substantially beating last year’s figure.

The event was not without setbacks, and even though two of the cyclists were forced to retire due to injury, they were back on their bikes for the final stretch, making sure that they finished as a team. At the end of the race all the cyclists had an emotional finish where they met their spouses and children, and despite border disruptions, still managed to finish within the lapse time limit, and reinforce the fact that they completed a mammoth of a challenge.

This year’s Challenge is truly an inspiring accomplishment, showing true grit and motivation by the Maltese riders, and reinforcing the fact that with true perseverance most things are achievable.

Team NetRefer