NetRefer, the leading provider of award winning performance marketing software and professional services, has recently effected a number of structural and expansionary changes to its team to offer a unified service for client operations support, account management and professional services.

A significant portion of this expansion has resulted in the creation of a unified client support unit. This team is managed by the Head of Client Operations, and has already proven to be more efficient in handling client requests and answering support questions without escalation, thereby resulting in a faster resolution timeframe and allowing NetRefer clients to make better use of their support allocation.

NetRefer’s team of Client Account Managers will emphasize relationship building and performance management, thereby delivering more value to the client base. Managed by the Head of Account and Revenue Management, this new team will ensure efficiency and enhanced service value for all NetRefer clients.

And on a final note, NetRefer will shortly be launching its new Professional Services team which will be managed by the newly appointed Head of Professional Services. The main focus of this team will be to deliver NetRefer value added services such as consultancy, training and education, product and feature management.

NetRefer’s primary goal is to empower its clients to concentrate on growing their affiliate program using the industry leading performance marketing solution whilst offering best in class unified support, account management and value added services.