Undoubtedly the major sports event of this summer is the London 2012 Olympics. All sportsbook operators will try to increase their affiliate program numbers by capitalising on the various marketing opportunities that come along with the overall buzz created by the event. Reality however hits hard on operators who have to comply with strict advertising regulations that can significantly restrict flexibility of campaigns associated with the Olympic events.

It is thus very important to remain vigilant and keep in mind the fact that any marketing materials aimed at this major sporting event must comply with Olympic Regulations. Failure to comply may incur restrictions or fines – some of which may be fined up to £20,000 per offence – or in the worst case even punishable by law.

Consequently it is advised to carefully review any online marketing materials targeting the Olympic events, paying particular attention to the graphics and ‘call to action’ words used in marketing collateral.  Amongst the prohibited phrases are: “London 2012”, “Get Set”,  “Olympics” and simply the number 2012, as well as various games’ logos or athletic images.

For more detailed information you may wish to refer to the official guidance produced by the London Organising Committee of Olympic Games: