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IT skills are becoming increasingly sought after in the Maltese labour market. Many local and international tech-hungry companies based here, often have to look beyond our shores for expertise, especially in the iGaming industry.

As an IT innovation-driven company, NetRefer wants to be part of the solution. By training up the next generation we can help resolve the problem.

Ninja Code ClubWe are creating NetRefer Ninja Code Club to raise awareness of the fact that coding can be taught to children effectively. This already happens in some schools locally, and is quite widespread in schools all over Europe.

NetRefer is creating a free kids’ code club for Summer 2016. This great opportunity is open to children between the ages of 7 and 10 who will learn age-appropriate principles of programming.

The first course intake for 2016 will kick-off in mid July 2016; all the spaces for the first run of the course have already been filled.

NetRefer will also donate a Raspberry Pi to each child upon satisfactory completion of the course, to ensure that the children can further develop their skills at home.

Team NetRefer have been working tirelessly to make this event is a success. The course will have 8 sessions in all and will end on the 7th of September.

A celebratory certificate awarding event will be presided by the Hon. Minister for Education and the President who will address a small audience, before kicking off the reception organised at the NetRefer offices in Valley Road.

For more information, get in touch with codeclub@netrefer.com.