How can you, make sure that you’re getting complete information in the easiest way?

NetRefer’s Unified Performance Marketing System is an automated marketing solution delivering a complete unified view on the performance marketing ecosystem.

NetRefer, the leading performance marketing software suite, can seamlessly handle and automate each of the 5 steps of the performance marketing cycle. Moreover it offers all the necessary building blocks to set up and run an affiliate program.

So, how does it work?

Our Software, enables affiliates to sign-up, log in to their affiliate program, see reports and retrieve adverts to put on their sites. NetRefer displays the adverts on affiliate sites and tracks the number of times each advert has been displayed and clicked on. The software gathers data about referred customers, and all their related performance indicators. NetRefer calculates the rewards each affiliate is entitled to based on his performance. Performance Marketing is trackable and measurable down to the click.

Like the idea?

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