NetRefer.com to compete in IFR Champions cup 2018 - Malta

What does IFR stand for?

IFR stands for iGaming, Fintech and Real Estate.

A 7-a-side Champions Cup football tournament organised for a selection of local and foreign iGaming, Fintech and Real Estate companies.

It also stands for supporting those that are less fortunate than us.

The perception of the inter-relatedness of the three industries serves as the baseline for this idea. The aim is to invite the top performing companies from the three sectors, both internationally and locally. The participation of 32 companies is sought to contest the first edition of the IFR Champions Cup on Maltese soil. An important note is that the tournament will be supporting local foundations. Charity is a key part of who we are and our generosity will help people less fortunate than ourselves.

Goal-driven and People-driven. The beating heart of NetRefer are achievers. Highly motivated when facing even the toughest of challenges, they never give up, consider them the ‘Spartans’ of the industry!

The NetRefer teams’ passion is carried over to all that they do, be that creating cutting edge software solutions, or competing in inter-industry football tournaments, NetRefer will give their all. Participating in the 2018 IFR Champions Cup is already creating a Buzz around the office, with each department wanting a representative on the team, competition is already fierce!

Following the company’s love of team building and community spirited events, NetRefer teams have gone Paintballing, Zorbing and spent time cleaning the beach at Pembroke in the past, as well as donating electrical equipment to the community and spending time helping those less fortunate such as the children cared for by the Inspire Foundation etc. Helping to make the 2018 IFR Champions Cup a resounding success will undoubtably confirm the company’s commitment to social and corporate responsibility.

Together, we can make a difference in the life of others through the great game of football!