24Win will shortly opt for one of the licenses issued by Coljuegos, to become one of the first operators licensed to operate in the regulated market of Colombia, under the legal domain .co

24Win, has reached an agreement with NetRefer, a leader in providing affiliate marketing software provider for online gaming worldwide.

As explained by Alex Soteres, Director of Marketing 24Win, “The reason for choosing NetRefer is based on the strength and experience of the platform in similar markets, as well as the trust and care provided by qualified staff working at NetRefer. Also we rely on the experience obtained in the affiliates market which has been launched in Spain, and that will serve to replicate the business model for market affiliates from Colombia, both online and offline.”

With this agreement, 24Win at www.24Win.com will manage all its activities in Colombia and Latin America to manage affiliate marketing activities through the NetRefer platform (netrefer.com).

Through NetRefer, 24Win will be able to perform the complete management of marketing activities with its affiliates, both online and on-site, including among others, management and full control of activities relating to its affiliates (both online and offline). The NetRefer Affiliate software provides advanced reporting systems, promotion and advertising tools, as well as tools supporting the creation and management of rewards and promotions. Moreover, the NetRefer platform will enable the integration of multiple brands with selected suppliers, enhancing the operator’s activities.

Amongst its main virtues, Mario Benito (NetRefer Director for Spain & Latin America) explains that “24Win will offer its products by integrating activity in physical and online stores (convergence), a resource that will suit them well to attract players through physical facilities, as is happening in other similar regulations.

Our system is unique, we have obtained extensive experience in the treatment of face market activity in various jurisdictions. Through NetRefer, we give a firm commitment to the Latin American market and we are adapting our products and services to offer a tool tailored to the needs that this market requires.”

NetRefer also wants to highlight the benefits it will bring to the affiliates who work with 24Win, acting as guarantor on the transparency of operations and settlement of commissions, based on a proper tracking system to check all information through an independent and secure control panel for the affiliate (also on web and mobile) “.

“We are delighted to have the experience and strength of a platform like NetRefer, which will help us to become a successful trader in the Colombian and Latin America market” says Alex Soteres, Chief Marketing Officer of 24Win.