Devices for internet access are on the rise world-wide. It’s no surprise many platforms/sites are turning to new display formats. It’s becoming clear that one size no longer fits all.

Many companies are adapting to creating an entirely unique mobile experience where users do not need to scroll or zoom. Most mobile sites cut out less relevant information and are optimised around action. It is all about working around the users’ needs and how to maximise their experience. This creates a trouble-free access to information, quick links to actions and easy visual layout.

How can we create an experience that fits all devices?
Responsive. A responsive design provides a more completed approach to online practices. Responsive enables a website to adapt its layout to device-specific requirements with content, layouts and images automatically resize to fit screen.


At the heart of every online community management decision is your customers. You want to build something that your customers will use and enjoy using it. A mobile platform helps making their experience simple and rewarding. The goal here is to keep your customers engaged as much as possible.

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