The element of success when launching an affiliate programme relies on how well you work with affiliates who will work hard to escalate your sales.

”How do you identify where to find good affiliates to promote your partner program? How can an operator recruit affiliates into his partner program in order to increase his revenues?    From which websites can you recruit them? Is it worth spending all marketing budget and efforts in affiliate conferences?”

Finding targeted, motivated affiliates is your first order of business. They key is to think like an affiliate. Recognize that they are your partners and reward them accordingly. Before you start recruiting affiliates make sure all your marketing channels are performing well. This will help you earn affiliates loyalty.
Sometimes finding your own affiliates is the best way. However there are other effective ways which can help you out:


Search Engines: Spend some time studying on search engine results for your key words. Get a list of websites coming up with your keywords and approach the webmasters offering them collaboration. Most of the affiliates you contact would have already been engaged in promoting other affiliate programs. This works out for the best for you as they will be familiar with various rewarding options used in the industry.

Social Media: try spending some time on social media searching for affiliates. Social following and newsletters subscribers can give you an idea of the audience size. Studies indicate that the use of social media channels varies from country to country heavily depending on linguistic aspects and culture, therefore it’s worth researching the social media specifics of the market which interests you.


Conferences and Events: Every few months there is a great number of industry events and conferences. Focus on those which suit your company the most. Special attention is worth paying to global events spread throughout the year. These gather a great number of Operators and affiliates from various markets and industry verticals, under one roof.


Competitors: Look into which affiliates are promoting your competitors’ products and try offering them the opportunity to earn more with your software than the products of your competitors.

It is important to keep your affiliates updated with the latest promotions or recent enhanced features of your affiliate program. Posts and blog posts on social media are effective as you make the affiliate feel valuable and part of the business.