As time goes on we notice a great increase in the number of companies giving more attention to performance marketing.
Performance Marketing can be applied to almost any industry – dating, gaming (bingo, casino, poker, sports betting), forex, binary etc.

Here are some elements that will help you improve your marketing efforts:


clipart_of_25029_smjpg_2Good Product or Service
The strength of the product or service you are using is the foundation for your entire performance marketing strategy. The stronger your product is the greater the potential to achieve your marketing goal. Your product offering has to have a unique selling point. Remember a competitor’s offerings are always just a click away.

Competitor Analysis
It is important to level your offer with that of your competitors. Profiling your competitor will reveal the key strengths and weakness.


Experienced Affiliate Management team
An experienced manager will guide affiliates to achieve success by mentoring and advising on the set of available tools they can utilise in order to maximise their profit, in direct relation with operator’s success.

currencies-iconMicrosite that converts
The need for a professional looking microsite should be in your list of top priorities. The microsite landing page has to be striking and must clearly show the affiliate what you are offering in terms of reward plans, products, marketing tools and payments.


Optimised Landing Pages

Key points for a successful landing page consist in having a neat and clear structure, design to attract visitor’s attention and clarity.

Software to help you make the most of the performance marketing cyclenetrefer_icononly

Having a reliable marketing software, such as NetRefer’s software will automate all the vital steps of the affiliate marketing cycle. A reputable performance marketing software also caters to elements such as tracking as to identify any pattern of user behaviour, transparent reporting when it comes to customer tracking, revenue calculations – displaying view and click in real time, affiliate management – categorizing affiliates by placing them into different groups based on their country, language or the amount of revenues they generate and Competitive Rewarding structure – applying different rewarding strategies based on each affiliate’s performance.

There is no formula to a complete and successful performance marketing software. Nevertheless, there are clearly a number of components one would need to consider.

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