The Professional Services team has been created as a result of recent structural changes made within the NetRefer team.

Two of the longest-serving NetRefer team members within the services arm, Louisa Morrison and Celia Attard, will be the driving forces behind the newly appointed Professional Services branch.

Louisa Morrison, previously the Head of Client Services, has been appointed Head of Professional Services. She has been managing the Client Services, Support and Implementation team and working closely with NetRefer’s most established clients for the past 5 years. Celia Attard joined NetRefer 3 years ago as a Client Account Executive, and for the past year has been single-handedly driving the training arm of NetRefer as the Client Training Specialist.

Having been so heavily involved on the client side, as well as having had a great deal of exposure to the industry, the entities behind Professional Services have a long standing relationship with our clients as well as a sound understanding of how the NetRefer system works and can be applied to its full capacity.

The Professional Services team will be available for consultation on how to make the most out of the NetRefer system by making it work to its full potential. Through workshops and tailored training packages, Professional Services will be able to help analyze any gaps in the way the system is being utilized and make it functional to suit the client’s requirements and business model, as well as provide assistance on best practice approach whenever new system configuration or setup is required. Louisa and Celia are both actively involved in NetRefer’s Product Council, which scopes out the latest industry trends and requirements to be incorporated within upcoming system releases, and hence will act as the main link between client feature requests and release development.

Professional Services will be presented at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference with the rollout of the brand new NetRefer Academy, a certification course aimed at individuals who would like to work within the industry or further their knowledge of the NetRefer system.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with our Professional Services team at the Barcelona Affiliate Conference; to enquire about what Professional Services can offer, to know more about the NetRefer Academy or just to catch up, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: