(MALTA – EUROPE) NetRefer, a global leader in Performance Marketing platforms, announces the launch of Mobile Application Tracking integration. Today’s marketers use third party services to track mobile-related analytics. NetRefer not only offers a seamless data collection process but also the ability to reward based on data from mobile-tracked activities and the amalgamation of mobile data with NetRefer’s powerful reporting system in its administration platform and affiliate platform.

“With the newly introduced Mobile Application Tracking platform NetRefer can now combine real-time attribution & analytics notions from multiple providers into our existing platform to provide clients with the appropriate information promptly towards maximizing value and optimizing their ROI.”

Andrea Vassallo – Product Development Manager

“NetRefer’s cutting edge Mobile Application Tracking integration offers a complete solution to the operator and the affiliate. Such powerful integration will help to understand generated traffic better, set according rewards, adjust, monitor and track combined data.”

Neville Mangion – Product Owner

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