FAST TRACK has partnered with NetRefer to utilize NetRefer’s unified performance marketing platform with their clients.

FAST TRACK will use the NetRefer Unified Product Suite to manage all their affiliate marketing activities.

By means of NetRefer’s programme, FAST TRACK will be able to perform enhanced management of marketing activities with their clients’ affiliates, including among others, full control of activities relating to its affiliates (both online and offline).

CEO of FAST TRACK Mr Simon Lidzen stated that ‘’FAST TRACK is delighted to choose NetRefer as its key partner for our clients marketing platform solution. The flexibility of the solutions & the progression of the product enables us to ensure our clients will receive a leading offering.’’

COO of NetRefer Mr Timothy Buttigieg stated that “NetRefer is excited to partner with FAST TRACK, a technology organisation building robust, innovative and scalable platforms. We will provide FAST TRACK with our award winning product suite together with access to our industry experts to ensure that they are successful.”

The NetRefer platform will enable the integration of multiple brands with selected suppliers, augmenting the operator’s activities.



NetRefer understands that the world of Unified Performance Marketing has evolved over the past decade.

From developing cutting edge solutions, integrating to complex 3rd party systems, designing innovative customisations, providing premium services and data analytics – NetRefer’s ability to simplify the complex cycle of Unified Performance Marketing has never been more finely-tuned.

We caught up with NetRefer’s COO, Timothy Buttigieg, to see what features customers need to stay ahead of the digital curve (By George Carol, Malta Business Review).

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