Gzira, Malta, 31st May 2013

NetRefer, the Unified Performance Marketing leader, has just completed the rollout of the anticipated Release 4.4, which has been deployed across its entire client base. Following an intensive development cycle, Release 4.4 has mainly been focused on the new features and product enhancements that have become a necessity to the evolving needs of the market. This extensive development has resulted in a significant number of new system Add Ons, various system enhancements and new functionalities that further enrich existing marketing tools and support our clients on a new level.

One of the product enhancements is the revamped Administrator Dashboard that presents all key performance indicators in a single view, enabling clear display on various large and small screen devices, including the mobile, and thus enables affiliate managers to have all key statistics at their fingertips.

In response to affiliate requests, an additional enhancement has also been made towards Improved Access Control features which further heighten security for affiliates. In addition, administrators are now empowered to set up password and username validation on both Administrator and Affiliate interfaces that will lock user accounts after failed attempts.

A variety of commission and rewarding options has been significantly improved through the relevant new Add Ons, encouraging operators to build more granular and focused commission plans thereby stimulating affiliates’ performance at specific levels and thus incentivising revenue streams from the desired channels.

Finally, the latest enhancement to the Media Server allows clients to make use of Multiple Landing pages that may be assigned to each Media type. This enables the affiliates to choose their preferred landing pages when selecting media to promote the operator.

Last but not least, Team NetRefer would like to thank all clients for their invaluable contribution to the content of the Release 4.4. We constantly value your feedback, input and participation that ensures NetRefer maintains its position as industry leader in Performance Marketing.



As part of its on-going commitment to aid various local education institutes, NetRefer has donated a supply of IT and electronic equipment to the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Malta. The donated electrical equipment will be used to train Engineering undergraduates on numerous projects including advanced soldering techniques, computing and other areas of engineering research. The components will also be used in various student projects utilising motherboards, graphic cards, power supplies and other computer peripherals.

Jason Buhagiar, IT Executive at NetRefer said: “This is a great opportunity for NetRefer to donate its equipment for a worthwhile cause. We encourage more companies locally to do the same, and thus hope to see more graduates benefit from this incentive. We appreciate all the gratitude that we have received from the Faculty of Engineering for this donation.”