As part of an ongoing commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility, NetRefer is proud to be Gold sponsor to the Betfair LifeCycle Challenge. Founded in 1999, the Lifecycle Challenge creates awareness and generates support for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease. This challenge constitutes one of the most gruelling endurance events in Europe, pitting a dedicated team of Maltese cyclists against the elements in a long distance ride through different regions worldwide.

By putting such an extreme event together, LifeCycle intends to attract the Maltese public’s attention to the plight of patients of the Renal Unit, and to encourage generous donations from the public. In past years, LifeCycle has raised a considerable sum of money, helping the government to cover the approximate figure of €25,000/year per renal patient.

This year’s 14th edition of the Lifecycle Challenge will involve an arduous journey of 1,900 kilometers across 11 days from Brisbane to Melbourne in Australia, and will be held from October 28th to November 6th.

Team NetRefer



Our Services+ offering was launched at the beginning of this year geared towards NetRefer clients who wanted to avail themselves of extra performance management services and discounted rates.

The Dedicated Account Management (DAM) service is the most popular offering within the Services+ suite, helping clients to gain valuable and actionable  insight regarding the performance of their affiliate programs.

Clients that already enjoy this service benefit from regular and dedicated assistance of their NetRefer account manager, keeping a watchful eye on their key performance indicators and advising on the optimal configuration and use of the NetRefer software.

Due to the diverse operational aspects of each of the NetRefer clients, our DAM Team provide their clients with customized reporting based on data metrics that are pertinent to the client’s internal measurement models and business objectives.

A choice of three separate but configurable packages has been created to cater for a variety of business requirements, comprising of 10 value added components, including increased allocation of free user support hours, reduction in add-on costs, consultancy service, detailed reporting on client’s monthly KPI’s, regular onsite client meetings and much more.

Certain DAM package also includes a set of Business Intelligence reports, providing more granular analysis of the affiliate program performance based on such KPIs as customer churn rate, customer lifetime value, average customer cost and contribution, analysis of reward plans’ profitability and more.

Having yielded significant results for NetRefer clients, our Services+ roadmap aims to continue adding to the variety of benefits that the leading affiliate marketing platform already has to offer its clients.