Our Credo

At NetRefer we have a mission to provide the best performance marketing solution for you. To do this we aim to provide you with top tools and utilities needed to be successful in your marketing decisions, whilst providing the best possible service.

To provide the best performance marketing software in the world.

Founded in 2005, NetRefer is a leading provider of performance marketing software. NetRefer steadily grew year on year and established itself as a market leader in its field. It became widely recognised as the provider of the most complete and trusted affiliate marketing software in industries such as iGaming, Forex, Finance and Option Trading verticals.

Backed up by a bright and experienced team of technology and marketing experts – all passionate about what they do, and with constant attention to the needs of its clients and their affiliates, NetRefer continues to constantly improve its software products and related services.



Customer Focus


Social Corporate Responsibility

NetRefer is not just about business. We believe that our actions should also benefit the society we inhabit, as well as the environment. This mind­set influences our actions in many areas.

Since our inception, our team has been constantly thinking of ways and means as to how we can give back to society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility principles allow us to dedicate time to spend with NGOs and non­profit organizations that help spread the gift of generosity across various groups that need our help. NetRefer has contributed to several local as well as international organizations through donations gathered mainly from staff proceedings.
Such organizations include:

  • Poor village communities in Africa and other parts of the world.
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.
  • London fund raising marathons.
  • The World Chefs Tour against hunger.
  • Puttinu Cares, which supports and nurtures children with cancer in Malta.

­ The Ursuline Sisters Creche which operates orphanage in Malta.

Team NetRefer has always been committed to following office policies in an effort to minimize the company’s environmental footprint and make the workplace a better one.

  • Switching off all non­essential equipment after use. (monitors/lighting)
  • Sunlit working environment. (natural lighting)
  • Waste reduction and recycling of toner cartridges and paper amongst other.
  • NetRefer provides its employees with daily supply of water instead of buying plastic water bottles.
  • Offices are situated near public transportation; many of our employees use bus routes, walk and/or carpool instead of their own means of transport.
  • Ensuring the purchase of environment­friendly supplies.

We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset — from their innovation and vision in the technology realm to their contributions of time, resources, and expertise to their communities. NetRefer nurtures the diverse characteristics and ideas of its employees irrespective of nationality, culture, race and gender. We seek to strengthen our employees’ experiences through initiatives, target rewarding, and training programs that enable workers to reach their full potential.

As a company, we recognise that the opportunities and requirements for corporate social responsibility are constantly evolving. Our goal is to continuously balance the needs of NetRefer’s business and customers, while engaging with our broader communities to address critical social and environmental concerns.

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