NetRefer begins Rollout of New Products & Services

MALTA 20th Feb 2017

Following the showcase of new products and services at ICE & LAC, NetRefer has begun the much anticipated rollout. This new product suite incorporates the NetRefer Refer, Review, Reward campaign with the […]

NetRefer Launches New Products & Services

MALTA 3rd Feb 2017

NetRefer, a global leader in Unified Performance Marketing, is launching exciting and innovative products and services at their ICE Stand N1-343 and LAC Stand K3. This new product suite encompasses the NetRefer; […]

NetRefer unveils Customer Loyalty Product

MALTA 20th Jan 2017

NetRefer has rolled out a new customer loyalty product to address the most critical challenge in today’s competitive market:

How can I keep my customer-base loyal?

NetRefer’s customer loyalty product is the key. This […]

NetRefer Launches New Marketing Optimisation Product

MALTA 13th Jan 2017

NetRefer, a global leader in Performance Marketing, launches PMI (Performance Marketing Intelligence), its new marketing optimisation product.

PMI provides self-service intelligence enabling users to make faster, well-informed decisions based on a 360-degree view […]

Launch of API Management Suite

(MALTA – EUROPE) NetRefer, a global leader in Performance Marketing platform, announces the launch of the NetRefer API Management Suite. A number of restful API components are now launched and form part of NetRefer’s powerful […]

Launch of Mobile Application Tracking

(MALTA – EUROPE) NetRefer, a global leader in Performance Marketing platforms, announces the launch of Mobile Application Tracking integration. Today’s marketers use third party services to track mobile-related analytics. NetRefer not only offers a seamless […]

1 upgrade 7 Improvements; the New & Improved NetRefer Affiliate Platform


We’re very excited to announce our latest feature release aimed at increasing usability and making our customers’ lives just that little bit easier.

A new and enhanced version of the NetRefer Affiliate Platform rolled out the […]

Fundamentals of an Effective Marketing Performance Program

As time goes on we notice a great increase in the number of companies giving more attention to performance marketing.
Performance Marketing can be applied to almost any industry – dating, gaming (bingo, casino, poker, sports […]

Services+ Relaunch

NetRefer is pleased to announce the re-launch of Services+ with key new packages and reports.  Each individually designed package works to review, analyse and optimise a different part of your system. All packages are customisable and a NetRefer Account Manager will work with you to understand your requirements so that Services+ meets your unique business needs. […]

NetRefer releases major platform update

Gzira, Malta, 31st May 2013

NetRefer, the Unified Performance Marketing leader, has just completed the rollout of the anticipated Release 4.4, which has been deployed across its entire client base. Following an intensive development cycle, Release 4.4 has mainly been focused on the new features and product enhancements that have become a necessity to the evolving needs of the market. This extensive development has resulted in a significant number of new system Add Ons, various system enhancements and new functionalities that further enrich existing marketing tools and support our clients on a new level. […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About NetRefer

NetRefer is more than just a provider of performance marketing software.

There are a vast number of services that NetRefer offers to its clients, with the major focus being the business growth of their affiliate programs.

Following the launch of Services+ offering, NetRefer made other steps towards Business Intelligence and more services that augment the current offering.

The top five services, which are listed below, are essential for Operators of any scale and business vertical.


Team NetRefer attending the Barcelona Affiliate Conference

Summer is now over and autumn kicks in the much anticipated Barcelona Affiliate Conference back in the sunny coastal city.
Team NetRefer will be attending BAC, held between the 11th and 14th of October at the […]

Services+ Update

Our Services+ offering was launched at the beginning of this year geared towards NetRefer clients who wanted to avail themselves of extra performance management services and discounted rates.

The Dedicated Account Management (DAM) service is the most popular offering within the Services+ suite, helping clients to gain valuable and actionable  insight regarding the performance of their affiliate programs. […]

NetRefer releases Software Version 4.3

Gzira, Malta, 10 August 2012 – NetRefer is proud to announce the release of its latest Software Version 4.3, which has been rolled out across all clients’ systems.

Whilst including various performance and functionality improvements on the Administrator interface, this release also offers a number of enhancements aimed to improve the Affiliates’ experience and ease the analysis of key performance statistics now accessible directly from the dashboard. […]

NetRefer becomes Microsoft Certified Partner

NetRefer, the leading provider of affiliate marketing software, has become a Microsoft Certified Partner. This accolade highlights NetRefer’s commitment to deliver cutting-edge performance marketing solutions that enable clients to better manage their ever-growing affiliate programs, through strategic partnerships with the leaders in software development. […]

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