NetRefer has recently partnered with IPS Affiliates, IPS Affiliates boasts an array of Casino and Bingo brands. Affiliates can promote sites from, Svenska Casino at, Crown Bingo at, Bingo Loopy at, UK Casino at and many more.

NetRefer will empower IPS affiliates with its premium product suite allowing enhanced management of marketing activities relating to its affiliates (both online and offline). The NetRefer platform will allow the seamless control of the different brands under one consolidated umbrella.

Intellectual Property and Software Ltd Statement

“IPS are extremely excited to partner with NetRefer and look forward to integrating affiliate marketing into our wider marketing mix.”

Ian Erksine
Managing Director
Intellectual Property Software Ltd

NetRefer Statement

“We are delighted with this partnership and look forward to a successful collaboration.”

Mr Timothy Buttigieg

For further information about NetRefer solutions kindly contact:

Business Development:
+35627673337 – CET

For more information, press only:

Antonio Bileci                             
Marketing Communications Executive                             

+356 2767 3337                              

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