GZIRA, MALTA – September 1st, 2011 {PRESS RELEASE}

As part of an ongoing drive for Corporate Social Responsibility, NetRefer has made a donation to the World Chefs tour Against Hunger. The money collected by this tour will help feed 2.5 million children who do not have a single meal to eat every day in South Africa. Most of these children are orphans of parents who passed away from AIDS or are homeless.

There were over 250 chefs from 44 countries around the world who participated to raise funds and awareness for the plight of the hungry as part of the Bidvest World Chefs Tour held for this cause in South Africa.

A total of €1.1 million Euros was raised, and this money will allow for meals to be provided to needy children for the next 5 years.

NetRefer is constantly committed to contribute to worthy causes globally. It has recently contributed to the construction of a water pump in an African village, donated to the Princess Alice Adoption foster home as well as participated in other local charities. Team NetRefer will continue to participate, contribute and raise funds for such worthy causes

Web resources: http://worldchefstour.co.za | http://www.princessaliceadoptionhome.org/

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