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Team NetRefer just went zorbing. Zorb Football is the latest craze in team building events. This new sport involves players compressed in bubble suits while playing football.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of playing Zorb Football than in a year of conversation” (Plato). Well Plato did not mention Zorb Football but we did discover a lot of new hidden skills in NetRefer’s team members while zorbing.

The team enjoyed knocking opponents off balance to win possession of the ball. Keeping your balance, looking what’s behind you and keeping your energy levels were key to the winning ways. Laughter, constant laughter – was the remaining ingredient 🙂




Team spirit can be as equally expressed at the office and on the battle field.

The latter is what Team NetRefer recently experienced when we all went paintballing.

Split into two teams, NetRefer went head to head in a gruelling battle of strategy and accuracy. Helping Team mates to advance together and reach the objective.

The Teams consisted of different characters meaning very different strategies emerged. Some attacked. Some defended.

Some attackers were initially reckless finishing their paint balls within minutes forcing them to surrender. Others were more strategic, and planned each move, and aiming each bullet meticulously, leading them to safety and victory.



Another year has passed, and another year of great success for the NetRefer Team. To show appreciation for NetRefer’s achievements the team were treated to a weekend in Sicily up the active volcano of Mount Etna.

The team were treated to a retreat in the lovely coastal resort of Taormina, located in a quiet town built around the Sicilian Hills. They were then taken to Mt Etna for an excursion around the volcano, and areas of recent eruptions and extensive lava flows over the years. After a team dinner close to the summit of Mt Etna in a quaint cabin amidst the falling snow, the team were taken around the surrounding forest and continued the afternoon down the hills on quad bikes, finished off nicely with warm traditional Sicilian Coffee and snacks at the base of the volcano.

Team NetRefer would like to thank all employees for all the hard work put in during 2013, and we look forward to a prosperous 2014!



Christmas comes early to NetRefer! On the 7th of December all team flew to Rome for a weekend break and team building event.
Along with visiting major tourist sites, NetRefer crew took a Segway riding tour around Rome’s historical places: Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps, Coliseum, the Vatican city and many more.

Featured event of the trip was the Christmas dinner in one of the authentic Italian cooking experience restaurants.
2012-12-08-21.24.121Guided by the professional Italian chefs,  the team had a unique opportunity  to learn the ropes of pasta making. The outcome was the longest handmade pasta roll, that was shaped into a variety of pasta dishes cooked on the spot and served to the team. This made the dinner experience even more special and the food taste extra delicious!

From Rome with love. Team NetRefer.